About Victor Johnson

Victor Johnson Jr. loves real estate as much as he loves bowling with his friends.  Competitive by nature, he appreciates a good challenge so finding the perfect home for his clients is top priority and suits his nature perfectly.  “I love the opportunity to be a part of something that’s something bigger than me. Being surrounded by individuals, from all walks of life, working together for a common purpose to ensure that everyone succeeds is what I look forward to experiencing every week.”

Victor specializes in residential sales, new construction, and property management. He prides himself on his ability to serve every client with class and consideration and takes customer service seriously. “I believe that it’s the foundation of everything that we do and leads to referrals as well as repeat business.”

He enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and kids. No matter where they end up, there’s never a dull moment with the “Johnson tribe”. Whether it’s karaoke, a dance off or a night of standup comedy memories will be made. One of his absolute favorites activities is golf. It’s where Victor refreshes, resets, and reboots for the week ahead.

 “My clients do not just have me as their agent, but they have a relationship with me for life.”